From simple flyers and brochures to more complicated newsletters and copy, I will work with you to help you get your message out in the manner that fits your needs and budget.

I am happy to provide examples of the following:

  • simple flyers for local events and individuals
  • newsletters (created in Indesign, a professional industry standard)
  • copy and articles
  • media presentations

Pleae see my blog for numerous writing samples.


make the right statement

What statement are you delivering to your customers? Are you getting the returns on your investments that you expect or deserve?


On the table

I am at work on a book for those in the animal welfare field.

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Currently listening to Otis! The Defenitive Otis Redding

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Anton Checkhov "The Sea Gull"

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I like coffee...I like tea...

My latest addictions include:

I savor award-winning Mighty Leaf Tea, packed with delicious artisanal flavors. Favorite flavor: Vanilla

Yes, I am powered by coffee.


On the flip side

Aside from the serious work of dotting the i's and crossing the t's, I also enjoy the following:

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