Interests & Hobbies

Cake Decorating -- Another hat that fits me well is that of baker and cake decorator. The husband and I have been trained in cake decorating and enjoy it very much. The level of creativity, patience, skill, and ingenuity that is required will either make or break you. Want to see how much patience you have? Choose a cake design and try to emulate it. Here are some of the cakes we've made:

photo of a cake that looks like a present, complete with a bow on top made of fondant photo of a two tier cake with fondant flowers and chocolate icing

photo of a cake that has baby booties on top photo of a cake decorated with a basket weave pattern and royal icing flowers

Photography -- Thanks to the digital medium I can take pictures of any and everything without censoring myself due to film space. This freedom has afforded me the opportunity to experience with different subjects, times, and shots.

image of graves in Salem, Mass.

Art -- When I get the opportunity to visit a museum, gallery, or read a good book, my heart is aglow and my mind can clear itself and take flight. Art is my "reset" button. I strongly believe that art can never be censored and should be encouraged at all ages.

image of painted cartonnage coffin with mummy of Amen, Tabes, Boston Museum

Stained Glass -- I could look at image in stained glass for hours. I find this art to be both magical and inspiring. I highly recommend the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows at the Chicago Navy Pier.

image of stained glass

Animals -- My love for animals is another source for inspiration in my work. I share my life with three rescued dogs and an abandoned cat. I've worked with many animal organizations and groups over the years to help create progressive animal legislation, develop successful charities, and increase awareness about animal abuse. I've rescued many an orphaned animal and rehabilitated them back to health.

image of a baby robin bird

Crafts -- There is nothing that helps keep the creative juices flowing both in one's private and business life than taking a little time for art.

Presidential Candidates & Debates -- I wasn't always so interested in politics but I have to say that I truly bloomed in 2000. Suddenly I wanted to know everything about the process of voting, campaigns, and politics in general. Knowledge is power.

Games -- I adore games and puzzles. There are so many great places on the web to visit and waste spend your time.

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Believe and Achieve

An open heart and mind can accomplish anything!

On the table

I am at work on a book for those in the animal welfare field.

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Currently listening to Otis! The Defenitive Otis Redding

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Anton Checkhov "The Sea Gull"

On the desk

I like coffee...I like tea...

My latest addictions include:

I savor award-winning Mighty Leaf Tea, packed with delicious artisanal flavors. Favorite flavor: Vanilla

Yes, I am powered by coffee.


On the flip side

Aside from the serious work of dotting the i's and crossing the t's, I also enjoy the following:

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