In the time it takes to weed the garden, mow the yard, wash the dishes, or clean the bathroom, you can listen to some great advice and tips with these great downloads for your MP3 player:

The VolunTourist – Volunteerism & Tourism sectors combined and discussed. This podcast may help you look at volunteer opportunities differently, as well as inspire you to view your next vacation destination through the eyes of another.

Hot Topics from Susan J. Ellis – Susan is engaging, funny, and always so helpful.  Her volunteer management tips are priceless and provide great starting points to help you take your organization down the right path without continuing to waste time and energy on that which simply doesn’t work.

501c3Cast – podcast for nonprofit professionals, volunteers, and do-gooders to share information and resources to help them do their jobs better.

Animal Voices on – A mash up of entertainment and education for any animal lover.

Animal WiseAnimal Wise Radio is a weekly show dedicated to animals and our connections to them.

Any podcast sites / programs you would like to share?

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