Newspapers are folding. Unemployment rates are spiking in every community. The daily news has been replaced with segments detailing how the unemployed can apply their skills to seemingly unrelated new job opportunities.

An “employment expert” was recently espousing that the next big job market will be health care. A man called into the show and asked what those without a college degree should be doing. The expert again spoke of health care. She pointed out that the health care field will need food service workers. The caller responded with a depressed “oh.” Another panelist pointed out that he should consider acquiring additional education. Perhaps she missed his sad response the first time around.

Many of the newly unemployed are turning to freelance work. Can the market sustain all of us? Have you been affected by the new competition? Are you helping others find work online? Are you taking jobs that you would never have considered a year ago? Do you see an increase or decrease in freelance opportunities?

Many are finding luck online at the following:

For those with previous customer service or care jobs, you might be interested in Virtual Call Center employment. Just make sure you meet all the requirements and they usually require a high-speed connection (and not wireless).

Virtual Call Center Jobs

Read why Hilton Hotels believes their “Hilton@Home” program is a success.

Working Solutions – Virtual Call Center / Customer Support Opportunities

For those who may have worked in a law firm, have paralegal and transcription experience:

SpeakWrite – Voice to Document Dictation Service

Microsoft has set up a new site to help you “elevate your jobs skills with tools and resources” that they supply. Their services can improve your IT skills, help you obtain Microsoft Certifications, or find an internship.

You can follow them on Twitter, too!

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