Trying to save your home from foreclosure? Need additional funds to pay for a life-saving surgery for the abused animal you just rescued? Well, boot that weather widget off your Web site and replace it with the ChipIn widget to begin raising funds for yourself, your business, or your favorite organization or cause.

ChipIn allows anyone to use the widget to raise funds for personal, professional, or charitable causes. You set the target goal amount and an end date for the fundraising/payment period. Should your goals change mid-campaign, you can alter the target amount at any time.

The donated funds are deposited in the organizer’s PayPal account. Contributors neither have to be members of ChipIn, nor do they have to have to be a PayPal customer. This is beneficial, because you’ll find that many donors do not like the idea of being required to sign up for multiple services in order to donate to your cause. ChipIn helps makes the process of donating both easy and positive.

ChipIn doesn’t charge any fees to either contributors or organizers of events. The payments that are sent directly to the organizer’s Paypal account are only subject to the fees established by PayPal. Please refer to your PayPal account for a detailed fee structure. However, if you choose, you can have ChipIn hold the funds you receive and retrieve them via ACH or PayPal when the campaign ends. This option does carry a 3.9% fee to cover credit card processing fees.

So, where do you put your new widget? Everywhere! The Flash application is easily applied to any HTML compatible site and is especially beneficial when used on social networking and community sites like MySpace, Xanga, Blogger, TagWorld, Friendster, Google Homepages, Evite, My Yearbook, hi5, frappr, and blogigo.

But don’t stop there! You can post it on your Web site, blog, online community profile, and perhaps most conveniently, your supporters, staff, friends, family, and anyone else who chooses, can “grab” the code from your widget and post it on their own sites. Their efforts will continue to spread the word about your needs without requiring any account access or privileges. It is as if they are holding out a virtual collection can without the need to handle actual money or maintain records of donations. They won’t have access to your PayPal account, nor will they be able to change any of your fundraising goals. It’s just another great way of involving those who wish to assist you in reaching your goals.

Further, if you don’t have a Web site of your own, ChipIn will host a subdomain in your chosen name, free of charge. This is a great place to keep your donors up to date on your progress. Sixto’s Amputation Surgery is an example of a simple page hosted by ChipIn.

Beth Kanter used the widget to raise over $800 in 26 days for her charity, The Sharing Foundation. Check out the extensive case study she compiled that further explains the use of the widget and provides a real world application of the service.

Consider These Uses For The Widget:

  • Raise funds to cover education expenses
  • Specific goals that you need to obtain by a set deadline
  • Great tool for groups that need to keep money on hand for events like pizza nights or meetings over lunch
  • Share your goals with friends and family so they can contribute
  • Raise funds for your charity run/walk

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