The folks over at Blog Action Day are encouraging the blogging world to speak out on the issue of poverty. Freelance writers and animal welfare workers can and do tackle this topic every day. While it may not be a new subject, there is always a new way to examine it and do our part to help alleviate the suffering left in the wake of poverty. Here are some ideas to help jump start some new actions on the subject:

Freelance Writers

  • Why not write a story featuring someone in your community who is struggling with the economy or has recently experienced great adversity? Sharing the story of the family who lost their home to a fire can help bring in needed donations of food, shelter, and money for the family. While the nightly news may only impart the fact that the family has lost their home, there is always a unique and special story behind the headline waiting for you to uncover. Not only will you positively impact the family, your article could reach out beyond the page and help to inspire and educate your readers.
  • Animal shelters and rescues are seeing the impact of the economy in the number of volunteers, donations, and animals they are receiving. The numbers of volunteers are declining due to people taking on second jobs and the rising price of gasoline. Donor wallets are slamming shut, and the lack of donations are making it more and more difficult for rescue groups who rely on donations to keep their doors open. Couple both of those issues with the increase of animals being relinquished to the shelters due to their owners being unable to afford food or medical care for their pets, and you’d be hard pressed to find an animal shelter that couldn’t benefit from a feature story highlighting it’s long list of needs.

Animal Welfare Workers

No one needs to tell you that times are tight. In tough economic times, community organizations must work together or all may soon be placing a permanent “closed” sign on their doors. The organizations that come together and tackle the situation by exposing the opportunities for growth and expansion during these tough times will become the examples others attempt to emulate.

  • When searching for a group to work with, look no further than your local women’s domestic abuse center or transitional housing shelter. When women are faced with the daunting task of escaping a violent relationship, they are also in charge of the fate of their children and pets. No one should be forced to stay in an abusive relationship because they have no where to turn that will accept them, their children, and their pets. Everybody wins when you work to build a relationship with these life changing centers by offering the women’s pets a safe and caring foster home while they start to lay the foundation on a new life.
  • In light of the need to cut back, why not trim some advertising dollars off your budget? Consider writing a letter to the editor about the effects of poverty on animals and how your community is battling it. Conversely, be on the lookout for letters that you can relate pertinent information to and reply to it. These op-ed pieces cost you nothing and have a fairly good chance of getting published. In return for your time, you have a venue to speak about an important issue, and draw attention to your mission and activities.

Eradicating poverty is a massive undertaking. The only way it can be tackled is if we all, with our individual talents, do what we can to help expose and eliminate the suffering.

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