BIography of J.m. Striegel

cartoon illustration drawn by J.M. Striegel© J.M. Striegel

J.M. Striegel is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Illinois with a bachelor of arts degree in liberal studies.

J.M. Striegel is a professional writer and editor who has written articles, copy, reviews, marketing materials and campaigns, and short stories for fiction and non-fiction audiences, both in print and online. Her creative work has been featured in publications throughout the United States. J.M. Striegel is proficient in Microsoft Office applications, Quicken, and Adobe InDesign.She is experienced in utilizing the best of sites like Petfinder and Volunteer

As an active participant in beta studies for new software programs and consumer products, she enjoys working to improve products before they hit the store shelves. Her status as an independent contractor for several companies for whom she mystery shops, means that she is providing vital information and feedback to the corporate entities that hold themselves responsible to the public they serve.

J.M. Striegel has been a volunteer for many philanthropic organizations, including food  distribution charities, animal welfare and rights groups, environmental causes, and health research programs. She has lobbied local and federal government entities for the improved care of non-human animals.

When not remodeling the house, writing, or playing with the furry kids, she can be found, alongside her husband of fifteen years, gardening, playing board and computer games, crafting, reading, enjoying nature, baking and decorating cakes, and working on animal welfare issues.

Do any of the following apply to you? If so, you can benefit from my services.

Superior research

Helping you find the answers you seek about your small business issues.

On the table

I am at work on a book for those in the animal welfare field.

On the Turntable

Currently listening to Otis! The Defenitive Otis Redding

On the Bookshelf

Anton Checkhov "The Sea Gull"

On the desk

I like coffee...I like tea...

My latest addictions include:

I savor award-winning Mighty Leaf Tea, packed with delicious artisanal flavors. Favorite flavor: Vanilla

Yes, I am powered by coffee.


On the flip side

Aside from the serious work of dotting the i's and crossing the t's, I also enjoy the following:

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